Auto Window Tinting

All of our professional auto window tinting for your car, truck, rv or suv is backed by a lifetime warranty on bubbling, peeling and fading for the duration that you own the vehicle. Our staff has over 40 years experience and all the tools of the trade in auto window tinting to ensure quality service.

Auto Window Tinting Controls Heat, UV Rays and Glare

The heat in your car can cause cracking and faded interior and the bright glare can ruin any driving experience. With auto window tinting covering your glass, your interior will have the protection it needs as the window tint keeps up to 60% of the heat and 99% of the harmful UV rays out of your car or truck.

Auto Window Tinting Enhances the Look and Style of Your Car

Professional window tinting is a staple of any enhancements to improve the look of your car or truck. Not only does window tinting make your interior cooler and protect you from harmful sunlight, but window tinting gives you privacy and provides for a stylish look for your vehicle.

Computer Cut Window Tinting

We offer a wide range of vehicle window tinting colors and shades at affordable prices. We offer 5% limo, 20% smoke, 35% smoke and specialty window tinting films. And, All of our automotive window tinting is high performance and computer cut. That means that a machine cuts the tint before our technicians apply it to your vehicle’s windows which prevents the risk of damage to your glass or rubber seals. Please see our page about Kentucky state window tinting laws for regulations information.

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Auto Window Tinting