Commercial Window Tinting

Our professional commercial window tinting installers have years of experience applying window tint to commercial buildings in Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. With building designs increasing the size and number of windows, our Suntek films are a necessity for retail window tinting and office building window tinting. Call us today at 859-885-TINT so we can enhance the design and save you money with our commercial building window tinting capabilities.

Commercial Window Tinting Saves Energy

With window tinting on your retail or office space, you can have significant savings on your energy bills. Commercial window tinting improves the performance of your HVAC efficiency making your commercial building green friendly by reducing carbon emissions. The significant savings from commercial window tinting has a rapid payback of 3 years making it a smart investment.

Commercial Window Tinting Provides Privacy and Enhances Design

There are several options of window tinting shades from 5% tint, 20% tint, 35% tint and 50% tint as well as mirror window tint, fading window tint and window tint colors. These quality Suntek films can provide privacy and enhance the design of your building. From skylights to glass doors to all glass office buildings, we can install commercial window tinting that is suitable for your needs.

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Commercial Window Tinting of Lexington, KY
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High Performance Window Film

High Performance Window Film

Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting is green friendly as it saves energy, increases HVAC performance and reduces carbon emissions.